Youth Sportsfest Shooting Camp

Sponsored by Carmi Rifle Club,  Brownells, and NRA Foundation


June 4, 2016


A fun opportunity for youths, ages 9 - 18 years old., to learn more about firearm safety and shooting fundamentals and to experience a wide variety of shooting sports - all in one place, all in one day!!  The Carmi Rifle Club is excited to offer this rewarding and enjoyable experience to the youth of southern Illinois.  The Carmi Rifle Club is located on County Road 1250 E just off Hwy.14 north of Carmi, IL


 8:30 am - Registration                                                        11:45 am - Picnic lunch provided

 9:00 am - Safety and range instruction                            12.45 pm - Center fire pistols and rifles

10:00 am - .22 target pistols and shotgun instruction        3:00 pm - Finish up and head home


Participants will receive instruction in:

1.  Basic firearm safety rules                                      3.  Fundamentals of shooting

2.  Range safety rules                                                  4.  An introduction to shooting sports


Participants will have the opportunity to handle and fire a variety of firearms such as:

1.  .22 caliber target pistols                             3.  9 mm., .44 cal, .45 cal., .357 and .38 special pistols

2.  .410, .20 gauge, and 12 gauge shotguns      4.  .22, .223, 7.62x39 and rifles          



Participants are welcome to bring their own eye and ear protection - regular glasses with shatter-proof lenses or shooting glasses.

However, safety glasses and hearing protection will be provided for those who do not bring their own.   Participants under 18 years

old must be accompanied by an adult.

FEE:  $30


Advance Registration required, event limited to first 25 applicants

Free Camp T-shirts

 (subject to availability)


 Please register my child for the NRA Day Youth Sportsfest shooting camp.  Enclosed is the $30 registration fee.




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Make checks Payable to: Carmi Rifle Club

Send to:  Valinda Rowe, 1615 Co. Rd. 325 E., Enfield, IL 62835

For more information contact Valinda Rowe: 618-963-2788 email:

Youth Shooting Camp